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While, without a doubt, the capital transforms into an exposition of vibrant hues on Pahela Baishakh, even chic upscale hotels throughout the city adopts the trademark regalia of the festival, Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort is renowned for ushering in the Bengali New Year with a few additional tricks in its collection. This year, the hotel promises no less an extravaganza for its city and overseas guests.

Offering a sumptuous range of time-honored Bengali cuisines alongside an array of country carnival festivity punctuated by live baul performances, Dhaka Regency will be serving extended Buffet Lunch from 12noon to 15:30pm and Buffet Dinner from 18:30-22:30pm at its all-day dining outlet Grandiose Restaurant on New Year’s Day on April 14, 2019.

Each meal is priced at Tk 3,990 per person with “Buy One Get One Free” offer available on select partner cards. Each meal consists of Deshi Mocktail Shooters to welcome the guests, a tropical juice bar, and of course a range of hilsha dishes with all the accompanying indigenous rustic and urban cuisines that are partial to Baishakh celebration. Aside from enjoying the live music, diners may also participate in a host of carnival activities such as face painting, rifle balloon shooting, bioscope viewing, toy actions such as bouncing castle, ball house, and mini-train, as well as snacking on munchies such as fuchka, chatpoti, and candy floss, etc., which are complimentary.

Dhaka Regency is also well-known for its annual children’s art competitions, which the hotel hosts bi-annually. Due to the exceedingly enthusiastic response the hotel received on previous occasions, this year, Dhaka Regency is opening the competition to 150 children between the ages 05-08 years (Group A) and 09-12 years(Group B) to express their view of “Bengalism” through art, be it in color or greyscale, in paint, pencil, or crayon.

The competition is open to the public and participation is entirely free; however, guardians or school administrators (in case of group registration) must confirm participation by filling an online form (link available in hotel’s Facebook page) by Sunday, 07 April 2019. While fostering the artistic expressions of young participants is the core feature of this competition, the hotel has also arranged exclusive gifts to motivate their interest in arts and crafts. Each participant will also receive a certificate to acknowledge their efforts.